Hestia Cordoba

Hestia is the goddess of cooking, architecture, home, or, more appropriately, the fire that gives heat and life to homes, hearth. As one of her domains was the preparation of communal banquets where harmony and happiness reigned. That same spirit is what we try to replicate in our food and for our guests.

Your Hosts

ireneIrene is from Boston MA, where she worked in several high-end restaurants. His mother of Greek / Italian descent and her aunts taught her many of the recipes that are served in Hestia.

Rodrigo is local and met Irene in Boston. To pay for his post-graduate studies he worked in several renowned restaurants.  He added techniques to what he already learned from his father. rodrigo

Their passion for cooking and extraordinary food was one of the reasons that brought Irene and Rodrigo together.

Established in Córdoba and in honor of Hestia, they bring the best rustic Mediterranean cuisine where diners enjoy not only a balanced and innovative menu, but also preparation in sight and a more intimate service.